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Top Five Takeaways From DSS 2022

Rachel Pescador

What You Missed & Why You Should Join Us Next Year

Last week’s online Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) was the biggest and best distributed SQL event to date! Nearly 6,000 people registered to attend the all-day virtual conference, which delivered world-class keynotes, insightful fireside chats with industry-leading enterprises, and technical presentations by YugabyteDB and industry experts. It was terrific to see so many people engaged and enthused by distributed SQL and YugabyteDB. In case you missed the event and haven’t yet watched the replays, here are our top five Distributed SQL Summit takeaways!

Top Distributed SQL Summit Takeaways

DSS provided five main themes you should remember as you consider your next database modernization initiative—hopefully with distributed SQL.

  1. The Future May Be Uncertain, But You Can Still Prepare
    Organizations are struggling to manage their sprawling (and often outdated) IT systems. They need to adopt solutions that can grow and adapt to meet their changing business needs. Modern times demand modern technology solutions—ones that can meet increased scaling, availability, and flexibility requirements.As discussed throughout the event, data-driven organizations need a cloud native database that matches and meets their unique business demands. The right database can futureproof an organization by ensuring horizontal scalability, continuous availability, and strongly consistent data.DSS showcased the advantages of adopting distributed SQL and YugabyteDB, a database specifically built to help enterprises of all sizes modernize their business-critical transactional applications.
  2. Your 10-Year-Old Database is Now Out of Date
    DSS’s most highly-rated session was Yugabyte CTO Karthik Ranganathan’s “Back to the Future” keynote. The session acknowledged the limitations of monolithic databases and discussed how you could elevate your business and capitalize on your data by preparing your data infrastructure for anything.DSS KeynoteLegacy databases no longer match how modern applications are built and deployed. Monolithic databases have become increasingly expensive and unwieldy, making it difficult for developers and IT managers to enjoy developer productivity, flexible scaling, and high availability.

    Major breakthroughs have fundamentally transformed the IT landscape. For example, virtualization and cloud dramatically changed the hardware infrastructure layer, and containers and app frameworks revolutionized how applications are built.

    To capitalize on the advantages the cloud provides, businesses must choose a database that meets the needs of cloud native, internet-scale applications. Doing this will allow them to run business-critical transactional applications effortlessly from anywhere.

  3. Distributed SQL is Going Mainstream With Increased Enterprise Adoption
    The DSS 2022 customer line-up included many Fortune 100 distributed SQL users, including speakers from Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, Comcast, Fiserv, and Kroger. As a long-time Yugabyte customer, Kroger discussed their multi-year journey with YugabyteDB and detailed how they continue to expand the number of critical applications powered by distributed SQL.Another customer, Comcast, highlighted how they expanded distributed SQL adoption internally, making it easier for developers and teams to identify the right database for a given application.What every customer had in common was their excitement and enthusiasm for their journey to distributed SQL and YugabyteDB. During the event, speakers fielded live questions from enterprise representatives keen to know more about the thought processes and logistics behind each of their data modernization strategies.
  4. The Pace of Innovation and New Features is Increasing
    With seven major releases and 55 minor releases in the past year alone, the popular ‘What’s New with YugabyteDB’ session covered a long list of innovative features, including:

    • Change Data Capture (CDC) — CDC is a process to capture changes made to data in the database. It streams those changes in near real-time to external processes, applications, or other databases.
    • YugabyteDB Voyager — This new open source data migration engine simplifies the movement of traditional and cloud-based databases to YugabyteDB.
    • Performance Advisor — This built-in tool improves performance across SQL queries, cluster topology, and schema design with an intelligent advisor that provides performance analytics and recommendations.
  5. The Fastest Way to Learn is by Going Hands-on
    DSS 2022 gave attendees could not only listen to sessions, but to also interact with experts and get hands-on with YugabyteDB. The three live hands-on sessions proved incredibly popular with attendees keen to try YugabyteDB in real-time. It gave them immediate feedback and helped them up-level their skills.These hands-on workshops, now available on-demand, covered:

    • SQL Tuning
    • Diagnostics and Instrumentation
    • Multi-Region Applications

    The Yugabyte University team also offered three live 90-minute courses. These gave attendees the chance to complete official certifications:

    • YSQL Development
    • YCQL Development
    • YugabyteDB DBA Fundamental

    To discover more of our workshops, check out some of our latest videos. You can also sign-up for a free YugabyteDB Managed account and follow the built-in tutorials.

    For more free courses and training, check out Yugabyte University and start your YugabyteDB learning journey today!

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our partners, customers, experts, and Yugabeings, who contributed a massive 25+ hours of content for this eight-hour event!

And, of course, huge thanks to everyone who logged on to watch, ask questions and learn more about distributed SQL.

Watch On-Demand

Recordings will be available shortly on our website, so you can catch the sessions you missed, or re-watch the ones you loved.

If you just can’t wait, log in/sign-up to the event platform, where videos will be available for a few more weeks.

In-Person DSS Days

DSS 2022

The fun continues with six in-person DSS days taking place in a city near you:

Join us for thought-provoking technical demos, presentations, live discussions, and professional networking. In-person DSS days are free, but spaces are limited, so register today!

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Rachel Pescador

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