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Celebrating Significant Growth Milestones in YugabyteDB’s Community!

Karthik Ranganathan

Founder & CTO

The YugabyteDB community is at the heart of everything we do at Yugabyte. The worldwide community of open source enthusiasts, application builders, and database aficionados has been a fountain of inspiration, knowledge, and belonging for us. Here are some community highlights we’d love to call out.

Over 5K Users in YugabyteDB Community Slack

We planned to celebrate when we reached 5,000 YugabyteDB Community Slack members. But then we blinked and realized we were already over 5,500!

Our Slack group is a space for people of different backgrounds and skill levels to get involved. Here, you can learn how to make the most of YugabyteDB. You can also get advice and help with your database challenges.

It has been humbling to see so many active and passionate contributors asking questions and offering suggestions and best practices. Thank you all for making the community Slack an active hub of conversation and new ideas!

Thanks also to the many Yugabeings (both within the company and outside) who actively track and respond to dozens of questions and offer expert advice on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm, hard work, detail-focus, and innovation ensures our group is a welcoming and rewarding space for YugabyteDB users.

Finally, join our active Slack community of users, experts, and enthusiasts today to find out more about YugabyteDB and distributed SQL.

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Over 2 Million YugabyteDB Clusters Created by You

Earlier this week, we crossed two million YugabyteDB clusters created by our users over the company’s lifetime! This is a major achievement in a short timeframe. It is also a testament to the growing interest in distributed SQL.

Open source software downloads and clusters managed in YugabyteDB Anywhere environments are important achievements. But YugabyteDB Managed now offers an effortless way for developers to get started with YugabyteDB.

2 million unique clusters.

Finally, if you haven’t already, install YugabyteDB or sign up for a YugabyteDB Managed account (in under 5 minutes) and let us know what you think

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5K Students in Yugabyte University

Yugabyte University for YugabyteDB community members.

Last year, we launched a pilot program of Yugabyte University in response to requests from the community for training and certification. Encouraged by the feedback, we launched a new and revamped Yugabyte University experience in 2022. From the response, it is clear that you all love it! Over 5,000 students have joined the university to learn about distributed SQL.

The new university offers expanded course offerings and certification opportunities. Specifically, these include a broader range of self-paced courses, virtual training courses, and builder workshops.

YBU provides students with the skills they need to advance their careers within the burgeoning developer market. Additionally, it expands people’s knowledge and offer a fresh perspective on the opportunities and benefits of distributed SQL.

Participants enrolled in a self-paced learning program can take an exam at the end of each course that assesses their understanding. Additionally, students who complete the course and pass the exam get a digital certificate. This certificate establishes credentials and validates expertise.

Along with self-paced and virtual training courses, Yugabyte University offers regular builder workshops. Led by Yugabyte instructors, these workshops cover developer frameworks and popular products like Spring and Hasura GraphQL.

Finally, if you’re interested in attending builder workshops and virtual training sessions, or want to check out our self-paced materials, register for free by visiting the Yugabyte University website and reviewing the upcoming training calendar. We’d love to get your feedback on how we can make YBU even better for you.

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Join Us!

The YugabyteDB Community is a space where people of different backgrounds and skillsets can find ways to get involved. Specifically, there are several ways for you to join us in making YugabyteDB better for everyone.

Finally, in the coming weeks, to mark our 5,000+ members, we will be running some competitions and quizzes on the YugabyteDB Community Slack channel.

Join us for a chance to win some exclusive YugabyteDB swag!

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Karthik Ranganathan

Founder & CTO

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