YugabyteDB Engineering Update – June 4, 2019

Sid Choudhury

SVP, Product

We are pleased to announce that YugabyteDB 1.2.10 is live! You can read the release notes of this and previous versions here. This release is shipping with foreign key support plus 16 new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here’s a few highlights from the 1.2.10 release:

YSQL Updates

What’s YSQL? It’s YugabyteDB’s PostgreSQL-compatible, distributed SQL API.

  • Basic support for FOREIGN KEY constraints is now available! If you are a developer who works with SQL databases, you can appreciate that having foreign keys natively supported in a distributed SQL system is a killer feature! For the uninitiated, a foreign key is defined on a table, but refers to a primary key or a unique key on another table. You can read the docs here, with snippet on how to implement a foreign key below:
create table products(id int primary key, descr text);
create table orders(id int primary key, 
     pid int references products(id) ON DELETE CASCADE, 
     amount int);
  • [#1002] Added support for the ALTER SEQUENCE syntax. With ALTER SEQUENCE you can change the parameters of an existing sequence generator. Any parameters not specifically set in the ALTER SEQUENCE command will retain their prior settings.
  • [#1394] ALTER TABLE .. ADD CONSTRAINT .. UNIQUE now supported.
  • [#717] DROP DATABASE syntax is now supported.
  • [#1134] HASH and RANGE keys are now supported. With range partitioning, a table is partitioned into “ranges” defined by a key column or set of columns, with no overlap between the ranges of values assigned to different partitions. For example, one might partition by date ranges, or by ranges of identifiers for particular business objects. Alternatively, hash partitioning works by partitioning a table on an absolute value and a remainder for each partition. Each partition will then hold the rows for the hash value of the partition key, divided by the specified absolute value and produce the specified remainder.

New Documentation, Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

New blog posts

New Docs

Upcoming Meetups and Conferences

We will be at a number of conferences and meetups over the next few months, below are some select few with the highlights. Do stop by, say hello and ask us any questions you have.

PostgreSQL Meetups

SpringOne Tour

  • June 4-5: San Francisco
  • June 13-14: Atlanta
  • July 9-10: Chicago
  • July 15-16: Philadelphia
  • July 25-26: Burlington

SpringOne Platform

AWS re:Invent

What’s Next?

Sid Choudhury

SVP, Product

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