Announcing YugabyteDB 1.1 and Company Update

Kannan Muthukkaruppan

Founder & President

The team at YugaByte is excited to announce that YugabyteDB 1.1 is officially GA! You can download the latest version from our Quick Start page. New in this release:

YugabyteDB Open Source

  • And, bug fixes and performance enhancements

In addition to the above features, we have also enhanced our YEDIS API to

    • Ability to read from followers with low latency
    • Support for multiple databases or namespaces
    • Support for MONITOR, EXPIRE, TTL

YugabyteDB Enterprise

This 1.1 release marks a major milestone for YugabyteDB. By bringing together distributed SQL and transactional NoSQL into a single, cloud-native database that offers transactional consistency with cache-like performance, our customers are accelerating the development and deployment of globally distributed applications. They are simplifying the data tier radically and eliminating painful database sprawl.

Look for a week-long series of blog posts and tech talks detailing how each one of these features work starting tomorrow! Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Linkedin to make sure you get the notification when they go live!

Welcome Ravi Murthy, VP of Engineering

We are also pleased to announce that Ravi Murthy has recently joined YugaByte as our new VP of Engineering. Ravi’s primary focus has been database technology during his long and distinguished tenures at Oracle and Facebook. At Facebook, he led a number of the Data Infrastructure teams that were responsible for incubating and maturing systems like Presto, Hive, Scuba & ODS to support the growing needs of Facebook products. Many of us at YugaByte have had the pleasure of working with him in the past and we couldn’t be more excited to have him spearhead our engineering innovations and product delivery moving forward! Read more about Ravi’s decision to join YugaByte in his own words.

Customer Wins

We are honored to announce Xignite and CipherTrace as YugaByte’s latest customer wins!

Xignite, Inc. provides cloud-based financial market data APIs. It offers access to real-time, historical, and reference market data through cloud-based APIs. The company helps emerging companies and established enterprises to deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets, such as Websites and applications. Its clients include financial services, media, and software companies, as well as financial institutions, exchanges, and market data vendors.

“With YugabyteDB we will be able to replace Xignite’s manually sharded and expensive time-series data architecture to serve up over 150+ billion API requests per month. In the process, we eliminated the complicated logic to keep databases and cache in sync and can now scale out much faster, plus take advantage of YugabyteDB’s multi-region capabilities.” — Qin Yu, VP of Engineering

CipherTrace develops blockchain security, AML compliance and enforcement solutions that make cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens and enterprise private blockchains safe and secure.

Join Us at SpringOne Platform!

Team YugaByte will be at Pivotal’s SpringOne conference next week in Washington, D.C. If you plan on attending, make sure to stop by the booth for a demo of YugabyteDB on Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Interested in getting started with YugabyteDB on PKS? Check out our blog post “Getting Started with YugabyteDB on Pivotal Container Service” which walks you through the process.

Jepsen Testing

At YugaByte, our mission is to build a robust, reliable distributed database and we are big believers in testing frameworks such as Jepsen that help verify the correctness of YugabyteDB. We have been running DIY Jepsen tests against YugabyteDB. As part of our Jepsen test suite, we run different workloads such as single key updates, single row ACID transactions and multi-row ACID transactions under a number of failures scenarios. The failure scenarios include process failures, network partitions and clock skew. For the current Jepsen tests we have tested in a loop, there are no correctness failures detected by Jepsen! Check out our recent blog post which details these results.

Benchmarking High Density Data Nodes

Running highly dense database clusters (where each node stores terabytes of data) makes perfect sense from a cost efficiency standpoint if you are dealing with ever-growing data workloads such as IoT sensor events or time series metrics.

At multi-TB densities per-node, eventually consistent databases struggle with cluster expansion operations because bootstrapping a shard on a new node involves a logical read (involving uncompression) across all the eventually consistent replicas. In contrast, with YugabyteDB’s strongly consistent Raft based replication architecture, a shard can be moved to a new node by simply copying the already compressed storage files from the shard leader.

Last month we shared a post about testing YugabyteDB up to 4.5TB per node (for a total of 18TB) on four AWS c4.4xlarge nodes with general purpose (gp2) SSDs.

Since then we have stress tested even higher densities. Stay tuned for those details! But here’s the sneak preview of the results:

  • Setup: 4-nodes / AWS i3.8xlarge instances/ Replication Factor 3
  • Density: 26 TB across 4 nodes (6.5 TB / node)
  • 30 billion records (300 byte KVs)
  • Cluster expanded from 4 to 5 nodes in 8 hours; deliberately rate limited at 200 MB/sec.
  • Induced one node failure in 5 node cluster. Cluster rebalanced back to 4 nodes in 2 hrs 10 minutes!

We are Hiring!

Current open positions in Sunnyvale, CA include:

Our team consists of domain experts from leading software companies such as Facebook, Oracle, Nutanix, Google and LinkedIn. We have come a long way in a short time but we cannot rest on our past accomplishments. We need your ideas and skills to make us better at every function that is necessary to create the next great software company. All while having tons of fun and blazing new trails!

What’s Next?

  • Get started with YugabyteDB on the cloud or container of your choice.
  • Contact us to learn more about licensing, pricing or to schedule a technical overview.
  • Compare YugabyteDB to databases like CockroachDB, MongoDB, Cosmos DB and DynamoDB.
Kannan Muthukkaruppan

Founder & President

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